Let Us Help You Solve Your Staffing Challenges

For Clients Hiring the right staff is critical to your company's success

Give yourself the edge by partnering with staffing experts who know where to look, what to ask, and how to successfully screen for the cream of the crop. 

​The time, money, and energy required by the hiring process can be a significant drain on your resources. Save yourself by partnering with CTD.  Whether you need one person to augment your staff for a short period or an entire team to tackle a long-term project, we can help.  We have the experience and capabilities to proactively present solutions before a vacancy exists, or to handle quick, reactive searches in response to unexpected openings.

Take advantage of CTD's access to major talent databases, experience mining resources, and pipeline of qualified referrals.  We understand hard skills are just half of what you need.  We place equal importance on getting to know our candidates well enough to assess their soft skills so that you can have confidence our people will mesh well with you, your culture, and your team.

Helping clients solve staffing challenges is our passion.  We've spent years focusing on nothing else.

Let us worry about the details: phone screens, skills evaluations, drug, background, education, reference, and credit checks.  We are open to doing whatever needs to be done to make it easy for you.



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